Wounds Heal Thru Awareness



Truth Bomb… today is one of those emotional days when all the self-disparaging thoughts & emotions creep up & out. Like Zombies. It’s paralyzing to face them again. 

I thought I ditched you guys.  Go away fuckers

I’m not gonna fake & act like I don’t struggle with this very normal human experience! WE ALL DO! Even as a coach, I wrestle with my emotions! No matter how successful, confident or supported you are! 

It’s called being H U M A N & you are NOT alone. 

It’s not about:

  •  what happens to you
  •  what they say about you behind your back 
  •  how much piles up on your to-do list
  •  what you think you “should” have done
  •  whether you feel ahead or behind
  •  how sad, angry, frustrated you get, etc  

It’s about how you – R E S P O N D – to it!!

Feelings come & go.

They are here for a reason! 

What are they here to tell you? 

If they are bubbling up for you today, are you ready to listen? 

Each • E M O T I O N • emerging to the surface isn’t a Zombie at all. It is a guide sent to help you heal the fractured parts of yourself. The wounds that are ready for your tender attention today. 

💕 Love yourself gently brothers & sisters! Let it flow & know you are Divinely supported. Love you

Wounds Heal Thru Awareness

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