When Not Enough Knocks on Your Door, Let Her in



I know what it’s like to feel like you’re Not Enough.

Not Enough & I are old friends. 

She is an unpredictable storm that creeps in & overcasts the big dreams you thought you had. 

She numbs and isolates. Whispers only soft enough for you & your deepest desires to hear.

Not Enough reminds you of that one time. That 2nd time. That 3rd time you proved her right. 

She’s been with you for too long.

She knows your past. 

Sneaks into your present.

But will you let her consume your future? 

Not Enough showed up at my door yesterday. I had moved on. I didn’t think she had my address anymore, yet there she was.

I faced her head-on. Toe to toe. Heart to heart.

She told me why she was stopping by. She had an important message for my growth.

She said, “One day you will receive me with a cup of gratitude rather than bottled up fear. One day you will know that I show up when you need me most. Without me, how would you know the cracks in your foundation? It’s difficult to heal if you continue to pretend you are okay. Let’s talk. I love you”.

I realized that Not Enough wasn’t here to snuff my magic or pollute my awesome!

Instead, she arrived to show me the micro-fractures of insecurity, worthiness & self-doubt that have been self-sabotaging my growth!

Not Enough is a flashlight & compass for subconscious adventure. I spent the day exploring the cracks in my belief. What are they & how did they get there? Why are they showing up for healing at this time?

Finally, a breakthrough!

I am so grateful she showed up for me today. I didn’t know it, but I needed her guidance now more than ever! 

With a new understanding, deep gratitude and a hug, I walked her to the door.

She looked over her shoulder… “Until I see you again old friend”.

Until I see you again…

Emotions & feelings show up to tell us something. They are here for a reason. Listen with an open curiosity & see what comes thru for you! You may be happily surprised! 

When Not Enough Knocks on Your Door, Let Her in

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