The Key to Attracting Dream Clients in the New Paradigm



Old paradigm characteristics of greed, conformity, and fear-based insecurity have only proven to be harmful instigators of pain, injustice, and cruelty. Here, we experienced overwhelming doubts, we created patterns of a static hierarchy, and we became perpetual survivors of shame cycles. 

The new paradigm is illuminated by awareness, generosity, Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine integration, dynamism, co-creation, and spectacular engagement of the unknown. We are allowed space for infinity to exist alongside individual boundaries. The shadows are not hidden, but embraced and healed. Expression of all that we embody is embraced in a lovingness reserved for absolutely everyone. 

How freaking magical is that?!

While the birth of the new paradigm has been a catalyst for healing and renewal… the beliefs of the old paradigm are tough to shake.

Many people are “stuck” in their old ways, still adhering to the rules of the old paradigm and the patterns that they were programmed to hold as truth. Old paradigm expectations have been internalized by all in order to survive. Today, we often view them as pesky habits, routines and thought processes that burden our ability to grow.

You may be stuck in your old paradigm ways if you…

  • prioritize profit over providing for the people
  • believe that money isn’t easy to earn, or you feel guilty for making money
  • fear change and the unknown
  • rely on external sources for validation
  • feel drained or burned out constantly
  • have poor boundaries
  • lack confidence and security in Self
  • are more focused on serving yourself instead of others

Permission to release shame for these patterns you’ve become accustomed to! Now, you can focus on adjusting your actions one step at a time in order to ASCEND BEYOND YOUR EGO + attract the clients of your dreams within the new paradigm.


I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the “experts” say that “you must copy what everyone else is doing in a better way” in order to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that inspired creation is beautiful. However, there is absolutely zero space for the tired energy of copy-and-paste creation in the new paradigm.

The energy put into everything you create is multiplied upon reception. When your work touches the heart of another, what is your intended response or reaction? What emotion do you want your work to stimulate? Is your creation instilling power and truth within others?

These are questions you must ask yourself before you hit the “share” button. Within your answers, you’ll uncover significant clarity for yourself as well as strengthen the current of energy attached to your creation as it makes its way to the eyes and ears of those meant to receive it.

Deliver the messages you’re called to release, not the popular messages you see on repeat. 


For far too long, business has lacked humanization. We existed in a paradigm that encouraged the notion that companies were not humans.

News flash: every single brand has been and is created by a human and is operated by a team of HUMANS!

Part of what makes some brands thrive in the new paradigm is the way that they show up on social media- relatable, humorous, opinionated, and full of life and emotion… resembling actual, real-life humans! 

Don’t allow your fear of being seen and perceived get in the way of your dream client’s path to discovering your brand or getting to know who you are. Rather, stand in your power knowing and completely embodying the fact that you are a magnificent human with many capabilities, made of countless stories, born from endless lived experiences and extraordinary feats.

Let your brand resemble all that you have been and will be without apology. Your effervescence is the ultimate invite to those who are seeking your gifts! 


Growth is inevitable when you’re leading with impact that inspires. The new paradigm recognizes integrity, honesty, action, and conscious intentions as catalysts for growth. Instead of fixating on increasing numbers, position growth as a PRODUCT of your primary goals, not your be-all-end-all.

This shift may require you to redefine your measurements of success or strategy. If so, be sure to center the greater good. Channel into your highest self to connect to the needs of the planet, of marginalized communities, of oppressed individuals, of the broken, the lost, and the violent. Expand your reach by remaining inclusive and non-judgemental of each and every soul and their journey!


Release your shame from the FOMO. Break free from the go-go-go programming and sit in the peace of stillness when necessary. Caring for yourself is equivalent to caring for your business when you are the core of your brand and you DESERVE a damn break. No, not when you check off every single item from your task list. No, not when you hit that milestone. PAUSE. Listen when you’re being called to rest. It is impossible to become a vessel for an abundance of clients and customers when you’re neglecting yourself in order to nurture your business.


Allow people to feel and fully experience themselves and their emotions without attempting to troubleshoot or coach them immediately. Use your empathy as a space for others to become undone and feel free and safe in doing so. When you do this, you’ll find that patience can be a superpower as it may induce healing shifts and open up doors to newfound wisdom without a conscious interjection of thought or opinion on your part.


In order to be an energetic match for your ideal customers, you have to represent your authentic truth through your voice, your writing, your thoughts, and your actions.

Both on screen + off screen.

This means that you have to be seriously real with yourself and get crystal clear about: 

  • WHAT your values are and how your daily actions align with those values
  • WHY you do what you do and if it truly resonates with your purpose, your skill set, and what you want your human experience to look like
  • HOW you can further integrate and practice what you’re selling into your own life

Reflecting on these clarity questions will either present you with meaningful certainty or lead you to unveil the potential of exploring a new direction! 

Wherever you’re guided, understand that “faking it til you make it” isn’t sustainable. You are your truth and if you aren’t empowered by what you try to empower others with, you’re only reinforcing a false reality for yourself and your customers.

How can you expect others to trust you when you do not trust yourself?

If you’re having difficulties manifesting clients and attracting that whole-life wealth you desire, you may simply be too focused on the problem to access the solution. This is a common abundance block that I see in many of my clients, which we work through with intuitive diligence, healing tools, and genuine reconnection with Self and Source. I encourage you to sit with and meditate on the questions we explored above and be mindful of the intention weaved into every element of your business.

Give value, receive value.

Give love, receive love.

Give abundantly, receive abundantly.

If you’re feeling called to explore this further in depth, heal past programming & clear your abundance blocks as you organically grow your thriving business- my Queenly Entrepreneur program is the transformative guidance you need. Click here to access the magic.

xo, Ashley

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The Key to Attracting Dream Clients in the New Paradigm

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