Stress. Don’t Fight it, Realign It



How do you handle stress? Do you FightFlight or Freeze

FIGHT : you tend to blame others, get angry, get defensive, argue, fight!

FLIGHT : avoid, run away from problems, ignore what’s going on… 

FREEZE : Your brain freezes up & suddenly all of your anxiety/stress leaves you paralyzed!

To some extent we are all of these! 

🤦🏻‍♀️ My primary is definitely FREEZE! When ever my stress is triggered, I completely lock up! Like a fainting goat 🐐! Nothing logical makes sense! Nothing goes in or out of my brain! People can talk to me, but if that panic response is triggered, there is no point! I have to wait for an emotional release for it to pass – usually tears!

Triggers: Math, taxes, excessive studying, high expectations, something is out of alignment, poor sleep, infants screaming for long periods of time.

WHAT Should WE DO WHEN triggered by stress?

  • Find a safe place & calm down
  • Let yourself cry, release that pent-up energy
  • Take a break & stop forcing whatever it is that’s blocking you.
  • Call a trusted confidant (BFF, hubby, sister)
  • Journal it out & see what flows thru
  • Step-up your self-care routine! 

Yesterday, my freeze response kicked in! I did all of the above & then:

  • Watched Ellen Tube
  • Rewatched & laughed w Farhad
  • Took an epsom salt bath with essential oils, sage & solfeggio frequencies in the background.
  • Called my BFF 
  • Journaled & set my intention for the next day!

TODAY I FEEL EXCELLENT! Thank goodness I allowed myself to hit the reset button! 

Stress is a sign that you are out of alignment! Don’t fight it, simply take time to realign!

Stress. Don’t Fight it, Realign It

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