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Ashley Ahmadzai LLC supports equality, diversity and inclusion in all of its forms. As a company, we are committed to creating virtual and in-person spaces where participants from all walks of life feel truly invited, welcomed, valued, respected and uplifted. We continually strive to create and provide accessible tools, resources, and educational content for our community, clients and participants to experience an equal learning opportunity, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, disability or health care needs. We are actively building a company and community culture that is safe, equitable, and free of discrimination.


Ashley Ahmadzai LLC strives to create an inclusive and fair culture where every voice is heard. In order to accomplish this, we continuously take steps to highlight BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and disability voices and establish a culture of equal representation in our online community and on our team 

Ashley Ahmadzai LLC is committed to ensuring a comprehensive accessibility experience for individuals with disabilities. Our integrated accessibility web overlay allows individuals to enjoy our virtual content safely and efficiently, without barrier to accessing the educational content inside. This includes access to 12 built-in language options, an online dictionary and other key interface features designed to meet the unique needs of users with disabilities

Ashley Ahmadzai LLC has a zero tolerance policy for racism, discrimination, bullying or harrassment of any kind. Any and all allegations are taken seriously. If you experience or witness any of the behaviors above, please immediately contact

If you have inclusivity, diversity or accessibility suggestions, please contact

Ashley Ahmadzai LLC is committed to ensuring a comprehensive accessibility experience for individuals with disabilities. We currently meet the highest accessibility standards and are proud to be ADA and WCAG compliant. Our integrated accessibility option allows individuals to use our website safely and efficiently, without barrier to accessing the educational content inside. By adjusting key interface features, users can adjust how the site’s content is displayed including readability, font size, color contrasts, stop animations and more. 

We have taken the additional following measures to ensure web and event accessibility for all users:

Accessibility is part of our internal policies
Accessibility is integrated into our program development
We offer closed captions on all course content and trainings
Accessibility overlay menu is integrated on the side of every webpage, course and program, so users can tailor their viewing experience to meet their unique needs.

Accessibility Profile Options for specific disabilities:
Seizure Safe Profile
Vision Impaired Profile
Cognitive Disability Profile
ADHD Friendly Profile
Blind Users Profile (Screen-readers)
Keyboard Navigation Profile (Motor)


Ashley Ahmadzai LLC is committed to creating safe spaces to recognize and celebrate diversity, amplify all voices, and listen with the intent to learn. We recognize that actions speak louder than words and we will continue to actively advocate, educate and take action to deliver on our promise for equality, diversity and inclusion within our company.

Although we continually aim to make our company and products more inclusive, diverse, socially aware, and culturally cognisant, we may still get things wrong. We are not void of mistakes, but we are committed to learning, growing,and doing better.

We do not condone call-out or cancel culture. We reserve the right to remove anyone who is bullying, committing slander or making our community unsafe.


Ashley Ahmadzai LLC teaches concepts of manifestation activation, rewiring limiting belief systems, and clearing abundance blocks that may attract and determine your current reality. Although we deeply believe that the desires in your heart are available to you, we also recognize that there are current systems of oppression, injustice, marginalization, and abuse that are out of your control. Please understand that you did nothing to negatively attract these horrific situations or experiences - IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. 


Content provided by Ashley Ahmadzai LLC is purely intended to empower clients and participants to create a life they are proud of.

If you have experienced any of the above, we encourage you to do this healing work alongside a therapist or licensed professional. Information and coaching provided by Ashley Ahmadzai and Ashley Ahmadzai LLC does not constitute psychiatric, psychological or mental health advice, evaluation or representation.


Ashley Ahmadzai LLC offers a list of Trauma and Mental Health Resources, found under the “RESOURCES” tab of this website.

To apply for our Inclusivity Scholarship, please email


Please review Ashley Ahmadzai LLC’s Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, and direct any questions to

Written and published with allied intention, by Ashley Ahmadzai

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