How to Avoid Being a Leftover Mommy



The FIRST 5yrs of my entrepreneurial career, I spent most of my weekends in tears.

Sacrifice now to reap the rewards later” they said. Oh man did I sacrifice! My sanity, my relationships, my family.

My boyfriend once said, “Your boss is a jerk! She never gives you a day off & she works you to tears!

He was right! I loved what I did, but I allowed myself to be dragged thru the mud of client “needs”, irrational urgency & high expectations.

I gave my clients everything. My heart, my energy, my devoted attention. Late nights, constant texting, always on-call. Just to find out they signed up with another consultant. AND guess what… they still wanted me to coach them for free! 

I poured EVERY LAST OUNCE into the hustle, often with little pay-off. It hurt. My patient daughter settled for the left-overs. 

  •  The left-over mommy who was too tired to read or play or create or sing or brush her hair.
  • The left-over mommy who cried around the corner, napped while baby watched TV & took 6pm shots of caffeine to make it to bedtime.
  • The left-over mommy who didn’t feel safe investing in quality time bc she was too busy hustling to make ends meet.

Is this Entrepreneur life? No… it doesn’t have to be!


I realized, THIS IS MY LIFE! MY CHOICE! And I CHOOSE to believe there is a better way!! My life changed in that moment!

<<< FROM THAT MOMENT ON, I decided: >>>

  • I ONLY work during my office hours. This helps me balance all priorities.
  • I delegate & work with a HIGHLY-qualified team! 
  • I ONLY take SERIOUS clients who are committed to unleveling their life, biz & impact in the world.
  • No more wishy-washy clients. If that’s you, I’m not your coach or your consultant.
  • I am a HIGH-TICKET coach bc that is the quality I provide. No more, “Well, I signed up with someone else, but can you coach me for free”.
  • My phone is on Airplane mode after 6pm, bc that is family time.
  • I block out quality time for my priorities: family, sleep, clients, vacation.

 THAT is Self-Respect! THAT is High-Performance!

 Believe it or not, I actually make WAY more money now and have WAY more free time since I committed to this structure in my business! I am also 200-million% HAPPIER & my relationships are unshakable!

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, in tears bc its not working and FINALLY ready to make a change…. Let’s link arms babe!

No more Left-over Mommy.

There IS a better way! Let’s do this!

How to Avoid Being a Leftover Mommy

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