How I Manifested $20k In One Day + How You Can Do It Too



Here’s the thing… the purpose of this blog is not to brag about me or my accomplishments. While this may be a massive goal that I have been actively manifesting for a while, this is not my win.

This is a win for sacred practice, for trust, and for healing. I fully consider this achievement a win for my clients, as my growth amplifies their growth and that of others!

This is my Dharma, this is my purpose; in fact, my astrologer has even validated this truth within me as she looked at me and said,

“In this lifetime, you are called to experience and teach. Every piece of knowledge you gain, you must armor others with. You learn it, you teach it.”

When I say that I took these words and ran with them… I harnessed this message and I freaking SPRINTED.

Abundance is everywhere and we can claim it in endless ways, but this abundance- this $20k cash in ONE DAY -is a form of abundance that I committed to each and every day and remained consistently open to receiving through my actions, my words, and my beliefs.

Abundance is always available to you in any form you wish to claim it.

Let’s affirm this together. Grab a pen and a paper. Then, write down this powerful affirmation:

“Abundance in all forms is always available to me. I remain open to receiving + claim the abundance I desire.”

Remember: we do not create abundance. Abundance is everywhere around us. We do, however, create blocks to that abundance.

There are many strategies to utilize as you embark on the journey to your own $20k day. However, in this blog, I’m going to be focusing strictly on the manifestation piece because that is my expertise! I have the lived experience and tools to help my clients (and YOU) clear the abundance blocks keeping you from creating the life you deserve!

Before we dive all the way into the juicy magic behind manifesting my first $20k day, I want to be fully transparent because keeping it real is an integral component of what it means to be a Queenly Entrepreneur™. On top of strategy, marketing and organization, my business became a flourishing product of some remarkably hard work.

  1. I work diligently, so I can play freely. I devote 5-8 hours each day to growing my business. Not just client-facing hours and admin, but also elements of self-care, personal mastery and leadership development. My office hours are intentional and focused because pursuing a big mission requires a BIG commitment! With that being said, when my work day is over, my phone goes on “Do not disturb” and my family gets the best of me!

 2. Queens delegate. Due to rapid growth, I felt it necessary to hire an assistant to help me manage my business tasks. Since that initial hire two years ago, I have been blessed to the absolute MAX and can now say that I employ a team of badass women entrepreneurs who support me, my clients, and my brand with an immense amount of heart-led leadership. I recognize all of the profound ways that they uplevel my business and my life, which is why I never let a moment pass without holding them in a blanket of gratitude. I’ll never stop preaching this: SO ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. People want to help you and let’s face it- your genius is different from the genius of others. Allow yourself to access all of the resources available to you!

I’m not going to tell you that manifestation is easy without also telling you that it requires dedication and diligence.

Successful manifestation only comes easy to those who are willing and excited to work hard. “Easy” manifestation naturally happens when you’re committed to your vision for acquiring whatever it is that you desire!

I truly want to see you make that vision a reality and help you elevate your vibrational potential so that you too can manifest a $20k day. You are the creator of your own reality.

Ready to kickstart your metamorphosis?


You can’t expect the Universe to give you what you want if you aren’t using real words to articulate actual information and insight into what it is you’re desiring! 

You must get crystal clear about the life you want to co-create with the Universe/God. When you lack clarity about yourself and your dreams, you’re telling the Universe, “IDK. You figure it out. I’m not worthy of discovery. My goals are not worthy of certainty.”.

You are worthy of being seen and heard.

You and your dreams are worthy of intentional, Divine direction.

You are worthy of an exceptional existence.

The Universe/God needs you to secure this truth for yourself by declaring it. In order to manifest anything, you need to be able to spit off your goals just as quickly as you can spit off your name- without hesitation and with absolute assurance.

When you’re asked what your name is, you don’t have to think about it, right? Of course not, you just KNOW it to be true! You don’t question that truth. You don’t doubt that truth. 

You should be carrying your income goal with that same energy. If you’re not, it’s no wonder you haven’t had success in manifesting it!

I want you to have absolute conviction in whatever it is that your heart is desiring so much so that it is ingrained within your subconscious and it is founding a clear line of communication with the Universe to manifest it into your space.


A few of my most powerful affirmations are…

“It is so easy for me to have 5-figure months!”

“I am so excited to have $20k months!”

“I am having $20k months!”

“I trust money and money trusts me.”

I strategically place them in locations where I will see them often:

+ my bathroom mirror

+ the visor in my car

+ my vision board

+ the wallpaper/screensaver on my phone and computer

+ my bedside table

+ in my meditation space

I have reminders/notifications set up on my phone that say…

“My work is of the highest service and worthy of massive compensation.”

I consistently remind myself of what I am an energetic match for!

Affirm with sincerity.

Pick affirmations that are entirely in alignment with who you are and your dreams for your life.

When you repeat your affirmations, allow them to resonate deep within. Say your affirmations out loud knowing that every cell in your body believes your words to be true. Visualize your desires and the feelings that you’ll feel once you acquire them. Is it a warm sense of peace and knowing? Is it the wind blowing through your hair? Is it pure confidence and independence? Is it sand between your toes on the beach? How will you walk around after you hit your income goal? How will you use your blessings to impact others and what will that feel like for them? Solidify the truth of your affirmations with unwavering and expansive faith!


This is where you make it or break it. You HAVE to clear your blocks.

It is your job (+ mine!) to clear your blocks. In my practice, we dig into your blocks around money, your blocks around abundance, your blocks around worthiness, and your blocks around whatever else may come to the surface for us.

Check yourself regularly – after every thought, every morning, every night – reflect on the narratives that have been fixated within your thought patterns.

Do you think that you deserve to be wealthy? Do you believe that you haven’t worked hard enough to earn the amount of money you desire? These are super common blocks that my clients and I work to pinpoint & clear.

Refrain from placing judgements on yourself or others for your blocks! Honor your past by making peace with it and becoming a forgiving vessel for healing energy to prosper.

Now, let’s dissect my personal daily manifestation practice and explore the simple adjustments you can make in your routine to generate life-changing energetic shifts!

My daily manifestation practice


Step #1: Express gratitude for 3 elements of your life and truly feel it. Allow it to rest and radiate within your body and soak in the warmth of it’s light. This will raise your vibration and increase your capacity for receiving!

Step #2: Affirm. Pick one affirmation that is aligned with the goal that you’re working towards. Be sure that this affirmation creates space for you to heal from the blocks you have associated with that goal and rewire your mindset. 

Step #3: Ask God to show you how. You’ve prayed with gratefulness for all that you’ve been blessed with & you’ve expressed your wants and desires. Now, it’s time for you to ask for direction with the intention to follow your Divine guidance!

Personally, I like to incorporate my 3-step prayer into my morning routine before I even get out of bed. Although, you can do it while you’re getting ready for the day, while you’re laying down for bed, when you’re meditating, whenever! The Universe is always tuned into your frequency and doesn’t have a preference when it comes to the time of day you decide to engage in prayer.

How I became an energetic match for $20k

Throughout the process of manifesting my first $20k day, I not only held the strong belief that I would create this reality for myself, but I also PREPARED for when I did! I woke up every day and visualized the money hitting my account, I imagined transferring it to other accounts and I closed my eyes and saw my credit score rise. I sat down with my husband and decided together what we were going to buy, how much we were going to invest, what donations we would make and which non-profits we’d be contributing to.

When the $20k day came, we were not shocked. at. all. We had already fully prepared for it!

In addition to this, I was constantly calling out for opportunities to show up in my space.

I affirmed my past, present and future fortunes.

I believed that I was a magnet for miracles and repeatedly told my brain exactly what I was looking for.

My actions were synchronized with the messages I affirmed. Ever since I decided that I had the potential to do anything, I remained committed to being resourceful. I keep the promises that I make to myself and others. I embrace challenges as they are an opportunity for me to learn what I need to in order to jump to the next level. I find problem-solving easy and honestly, effing FUN. 

All of this majorly enhanced my ability to attract $20k in one day and continues to serve me as I claim more and more abundance.

The EXACT mantra I used to make this happen

I invite you to lean in and receive this in its entirety! I want this mantra to support you and inspire you as you create your own special mantra using your unique dreams as the compass.

God, Angels, Guides, Universe, I am ready to see things clearer. I am ready to receive and do great works with my blessings. Help me clear my limiting beliefs and align my perspective with the greatest good of all. I desire $20,000 income each month. My work is of the highest service and worthy of massive compensation. I am worthy of earning this amount. I am deserving. I am putting in the work and have earned it. It is already mine. I am in perfect flow with the Universe. I am an energetic match for $20,000 income each month. I am a money magnet and I manifest very quickly. I am paid for being me and pursuing my passion. Money flows endlessly and effortlessly into my bank account. My business is exploding with momentum. I am so glad I followed my heart. My business is global. My ripple is endless. My time is now. I am ready for abundance. I surrender and trust that there is a cosmic perfection leading the way. I am willing to do my part and rise up. Help me clear my blocks. I am willing to be guided. Show me the way and I will take action to earn $20,000 income each month.

This mantra feels so damn good to me. It majestically floods my veins with the infinite power of truth and faith.

I have literally read this mantra out loud thousands of times.

I have let these words ruminate in my mind over and over again.

I have felt the validity of this message’s authentic essence all throughout my body and deep within.

I encourage you to use this in prayer, to affirm your energetic magnetism to the flow of abundance, or in any other magical ways you see fit in order to begin genuinely believing it to be your truth. If you are finding blocks as you journey towards this ascension, schedule your FREE clarity call with me where we will uncover your subconscious resistance and create an action plan to clear it so that you can actually start manifesting your well-deserved desires!

Unraveling your truest potential and the eternal evolution of magic within you is something that I am 100000% committed to.

When you specifically invest in a coach and you know in your heart that this heart-centered person is going to get you to where you want to be, you’re demonstrating an embodiment of trust.

You’re trusting in yourself to produce results.

You’re trusting your coach to guide you.

Most importantly- you’re trusting the Universe, you’re trusting God.

If you’re unsure of yourself and your vision, I assure you that the Universe, your body and your mind are forced to remain “stuck” in the storm of confusion you’ve centered your desires in.

Only when you are courageous enough and stand firmly enough in your dream will it happen for you!

If you’re feeling called to explore this further in depth, heal past programming & clear your abundance blocks as you organically grow your thriving business- my Queenly Entrepreneur program is the transformative guidance you need. Click here to access the magic.

xo, Ashley

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How I Manifested $20k In One Day + How You Can Do It Too

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