Does Your Schedule Support The Life You Want to Create?



Get into the habit of asking yourself, Does this support the life I am trying to create?”

As a Coach, I (& you probably) balance social media, posting, scheduling, hashtags, clarity calls, scheduling features, content creation, Quickbooks… plus client sessions, healing updates, market research, follow-ups, referrals, energy clearings, meditation creation, etc… ALSO, staying connected in the community for the community! 

Phew – Overwhelming, right!! 

So where does family & personal time fit in!? At first, I struggled balancing all of it, but I asked myself the question “Does this support the life I am trying to create?” & things became very clear!

I am creating a life of freedom, joy & abundance! This means, I choose to LIVE my life & not be trapped by expectations & a computer screen (like I see SOOO many coaches do!)

I decided to block off my office hours & whatever doesn’t get accomplished in that time can wait!! 

The rest of my time is reserved for quality time with my husband & playful experiences with my sweet daughter!! 

Here is a glimpse of my schedule: 

5:30a-7a : detox tea, celery juice, lemon water, yoga, journal & affirmations, clear all email & messages, catch up on all SM platforms! 

7-9:30a : get my daughter ready for the day (Preschool 2 days/week) & see hubby off to work!

9:30-11:30a : meditation, Post stories, clear to-do list, get ready, clean house, make bed, head into office, run errands!

11:30-5:30p : SEE CLIENTS, clarity calls, follow-ups, Thought Leader Thursday! 

5:30-10pm : FAMILY & SELF CARE TIME! Make dinner, read books, practice Presley’s letters, family movie, snuggles, park, attend a social event, dinner at grandma’s house, shower, read 20min, journal & affirmations, plan for tomorrow, etc!  

* Sometimes plans run over & I have to take calls later at night, but it’s about balance! 
What does your schedule look like!? Does it support the life you are trying to create?

Does Your Schedule Support The Life You Want to Create?

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