A Journey to Being Free



🦋 Today, I a m free. 

Free from the secrets they made me keep

Free from the judgements she threw like stones

Free from the man who told me I ate too much

Free from the friend who guilts to get her way

Free from the coworker who slandered my name

Free from the boy who told me I had too many problems 

Free from the times I ate alone in the garage bc she didn’t want me at the family dinner table

Free from the man who squeezed his hands around my throat

Free from the memory of my only protector walking away

Free from the medications that numbed the pain

Free from the woman who constantly reminded me that I was disgusting, not pretty enough, not smart enough, never good enough for anything, even her love.

Free from the woman who told me I wasn’t the daughter she deserved & never wanted to see me again. 

My journey has been a masterful metamorphosis. I cried when I saw this picture, because this is me now. The version of me I hoped I’d grow up to be.

I spent many nights crying, shaking, praying. I knew there was more to life than this. I asked God to help me create a better life. He did. Now I stand tall & empower others to do the same. 

🙏🏼 Today, I a m free. 

Thank you for holding space, witnessing, joining me on this journey. Thank you for trusting me as I walk with you on yours.

Massive Love. All ways. Always. 


A Journey to Being Free

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A multidisciplinary Energy Medicine Practitioner, Clairvoyant Success Coach, and Manifestation Expert, 

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